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ACNC External Conduct Standards Risk Management for churches – summary

In July 2019, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) introduced new external conduct standards, which impact churches running overseas missions programs. Learn more via our ECS Risk Management Summary or FAQs.

External Conduct Standards – Overseas Operation Policy template for churches

This is a draft template for an Overseas Operation Policy. ACC church boards can take it, modify as needed, and use as part of their strategy for managing ECS risk and compliance. 

The Biblical Basis for Missions and Development – discussion paper

We unpack why holistic and sustainable development means participating in God’s redemptive plan and Christ’s mission of reconciliation, and what this should look like.

Due Diligence Guidelines

These are the guidelines we abide by to ensure we form great partnerships that operate with legal, financial and ethical integrity.

Changing Practices and Mindsets Toolkit

This toolkit is for people who are helping Christian faith-based actors involved in long-term residential care programs transition from institutional to non-institutional (family and community-based) child welfare programs.

Holistic Understanding of Poverty – discussion paper

We explore what poverty really is, as well as which methods we should employ to address it.

Justice for the Poor – discussion paper

God has called His Church to be a voice speaking out against injustice and a remedy to the poverty it causes. We are called to live a counter-cultural life marked by justice, mercy, love, generosity, and selflessness. This paper explores our role in all of this.

Kinnected Ethical Volunteering – guidelines

Information about how volunteers and visitors can best support vulnerable children.

The Kinnected Program Booklet

Kinnected is a program run by ACCI Relief that seeks to preserve and strengthen families, and assist children currently living in residential care to achieve their right to be raised in a family. ACCI Relief believes that the family is the best place for the holistic development and care of a child. This booklet describes our aims and methodology.

Caring for the environment - positional paper

We explore the importance of the environment and human responsibility for the care of the earth.



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Annual reports

Annual reports

Feedback or Complaints
ACCI recognises that listening to and responding to feedback, concerns and complaints is integral to
our commitment to achieving high standards and ensures accountability to all
stakeholders. Complaints or feedback can be submitted to ACCI Director John Hunt, via the contact
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For more information, refer to ACCI Complaints Handling Policy.

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