PanAsia Conference is the highlight of ACCIs calendar, a gathering of ACC pastors and missions-minded people, ACCI field workers and partners.

PanAsia is held in the first week of August, either in Thailand or virtually. PanAsia 2023 is set for a virtual experience, allowing more supporters to engage with us, regardless of their location or budget.

In the meantime, plan to attend our “Missions Stream” at ACC National Conference, April 2023. Bring your friends, senior pastor, missions pastor and anyone with a passion for missions. This is your opportunity to have a taste of what PanAsia is all about…you won’t be disappointed (you may even book your ticket to Thailand in August ’24 before you leave)!

“I’ve been attending the Pan Asia Conference for 10 years. Each year I come away inspired and fuelled, as unsung heroes share the most remarkable stories of love, courage and dedication.”

Brad Bonhomme, Senior Pastor Horizon Church, ACC National Executive Member, NSW State Executive Member.